Supporting Creative Learning.

About RSF


The Rhinebeck Science Foundation is dedicated to helping the teachers in our schools who want to do more than they can with the funding they have. We seek to help them create an engaging and exciting learning environment, and to help our students succeed in a world increasingly reliant on science, technology, engineering and math.

Competition is on the rise. Students in developing nations are gaining access to high quality education while interest in the sciences in the U.S. declines. Reversing that trend is essential for us to remain at the forefront of leadership and innovation in research and industry.

We believe our efforts can ignite the spark that will lead a child to a love of learning and exploration. We hope to help them bridge the gap between studying traditional science curricula and exploring the world around them through science.

There is great precedent for our success. More than 5,000 education foundations exist nationwide, with 20 in Westchester alone, a county with some of the best Рand best-funded Рschool districts in the country. RSF is a volunteer-led, non-profit organization consisting of parents, community members and representatives from the school board who believe that our schools are our community’s greatest asset.

The Rhinebeck Science Foundation will accomplish its mission by:

  • Working closely with teachers, administrators and the school board
  • Facilitating partnerships with local colleges and research facilities
  • Raising funds from individuals, corporations, and other foundations
  • Funding science-based educational programs
  • Funding professional development for our teachers
  • Sponsoring events that educate students and parents

RSF Mission


The Rhinebeck Science Foundation seeks to enhance the Rhinebeck Central School District’s curriculum for grades K-12. Working with teachers, administrators and the school board, we will create and fund programs that use hands-on learning and innovative teaching methods to help students explore their worlds and connect science, math, engineering and technology to their everyday lives.