Supporting Creative Learning.


Project Criteria

The Rhinebeck Science Foundation is committed to advancing faculty-designed, project-based learning. Toward that end, the Foundation will provide grants for the 2008-2009 academic year specifically earmarked for science- and technology-based projects at every grade level. The Foundation’s first grants to the Rhinebeck schools include 6 microscopes and visual projection system for Chancellor Livingston Elementary School, an additional spectrophotometer and Trekker environmental analysis system for the High School, and the Foundation has successfully written a grant on behalf of Sharon Hicks for 5 additional stereoscopic microscopes and visual recording and projection system at Bulkeley Middle School. This is equipment that would not have otherwise been purchased with the current budget.

The microscopes and projection system for the elementary school will support the science curriculum for each child and help foster spontaneous learning. This grant implements the District’s 5-year plan for including this equipment in only one year.

Prior to being awarded the Taconic IPA grant, Bulkeley Middle School students and teachers shared a single microscope. Five additional microscopes encourage hands-on learning; 4 students can now work together around a microscope, rather than sharing a single scope with a class of 25.

The grant award for the high school enhances learning in environmental science, chemistry and biology classrooms, enabling lessons built around soil and water testing for ph levels and turbidity of samples taken directly from the Landsman Kill.

These grants total more than $6,000 that the Rhinebeck Science Foundation has contributed to the Rhinebeck Schools. We look forward to providing more equipment, professional development and support for curriculum enhancements in the years to come.

We applaud the Rhinebeck School District’s teachers and administrators who are embracing a hands-on, project-based approach to learning.