Supporting Creative Learning.


Math Fair 2009

Rhinebeck Science Foundation awarded its first faculty mini-grant to a team of 3rd, 4th and 5th grade teachers at Chancellor Livingston Elementary School this spring. Over 200 students and their families attended the event in mid-June: Lego mindstorms robots, interactive computer games, and good old-fashioned arithmetic challenges engaged learners of all ages.

Photos by Kathy Cassens Photography

RSF awarded the $1,500 grant to the Fair because it increased direct, hands-on learning opportunities for Rhinebeck students. Children from the classrooms of Mrs. Younger, Mr. Morrissey, Miss Bloomer and Mrs. Rizzolo worked hard to create an evening of math and engineering exploration that built upon topics they studied during the year.

Not only did RSF support the fair with a direct grant but also coordinated local engineers and mathematicians to come to the classrooms. These professionals worked with students to develop and implement their own ideas. The grant also helped outfit the CLS science lab with new equipment including pH probes, a magnetic field sensor, a motion detector and other measuring devices.