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E-Week 2009

Rocket Men Visit Rhinebeck: One Small Step for Kids, One Giant Leap for Inquiring Minds

On Wed, March 18, 2009, the Rhinebeck Science Foundation, in conjunction with IBM, turned second graders in Mrs. Holton’s, Mrs. Roberg’s and Mrs. Yearwood’s classes into rocket scientists. Working with Roger Quon, IBM engineer and local parent, and fellow local parents Jim Stevenson and Bill Ayton, students built and launched their own soda bottle rockets while learning how engineers use math and science. The kids predicted rocket performance based on design and weight, launched the rockets, recorded outcomes and were challenged to determine why their predictions did or did not work.

Dylan Cho, from Mrs. Roberg’s class said, “I loved it! I learned that the heavier the bottle rockets are, the straighter and higher they go. When do we get to do it again?!”

Ethan Toussaint, Second grader in Mrs. Yearwood’s class said, “I had a great time during Engineer week at our school. I liked building the rockets a lot. It was fun being able to choose the parts and then build our team rocket. I learned what Engineers do and I hope we can do this again nest year. Thank You.

Selected Photos

Photos by Maria Youle