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College & Careers Class

Educators, engineers, high-tech folks, environmental auditors, scientists, marketing experts and others visited Rhinebeck High School to talk with students about the choices and challenges that made a difference for them.

Sophomores and juniors were invited to hear these community professionals talk about their experiences, learn what it took to get where they are today, and ask questions students about career paths and future opportunities.

RSF worked with Bob Heywood and Mary Winkler of the High School Guidance office to coordinate visits from area professionals to Doreen Worrell’s Home & Careers class.

We would like to thank those professionals who shared their talent and experiences with our High School Sophomores and Juniors.

  • Heather Cassano, Chief Experience Officer, Pearson
  • Paul Slayton, Director, Strategy and Market Insights, IBM Global Finance
  • Ali Hammoud, MD, Cardiology Consultants of Westchester
  • Peter Szwed, Senior Engineer, IO Firmware Development, IBM Systems & Technology Group
  • Deirdre d’Albertis, Professor of English & Chair, Division of Languages and Literature Bard College
  • Roger Quon, Engineering Manager, 3Di Unit Process, IBM Systems & Technology Group/Sematech
  • Emily Kinser, Staff Engineer, SRDC Competitive Analysis Team, IBM Microelectronics Division
  • Pamela Pavliscak, President, Change Sciences Group, Inc.
  • Kyla Hart, Founder, Principal, Toniq LLC
  • Gidon Eshel, Bard Center Fellow in Environmental Studies, Physics
  • Mary Krembs, Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics; Adjunct Faculty, Master of Arts in Teaching Program

The students weren’t the only ones who found the day exciting and informative:

Our focus on getting more STEM curriculum in our schools and increasing student interest in the sciences is only a first step. I suspect that for many students, the path forward in the sciences is a bit of an unknown. Enter Mary Winkler from the RHS Guidance office. She recently asked me and a few other local IBM engineers if we could share our engineering education and career paths with RHS students during their college and careers class. We wholeheartedly agreed – what a great way to provide direct examples of where one can go with an interest in science and technology. Over the course of two weeks, Paul Slayton, Roger Quon, Emily Kinser, and I presented overviews of our education and careers to three classes. We each disclosed our decision process for embarking on unique paths, presented a timeline of our varied jobs within IBM, and concluded with personal career tips. Our hope is that the students will take the examples of our four success stories as motivation to continue growing their interest in science.
Peter Szwed
Senior Engineer, IO Firmware Development
IBM Systems & Technology Group

The RSF has granted me the opportunity to share with the Rhinebeck students my love and knowledge of mathematics, its applications and the associated career opportunities. The RSF is an exciting collaboration between academics and industry leaders with the shared goals of enriching the scientific, mathematical and technical education of Rhinebeck students. Tapping into the wealth of knowledge on these subjects that is found within our community gives this initiative the personalization that will make it uniquely suited to Rhinebeck, yet the expertise and pedigree to ensure it is a world class endeavor.
Mary C. Krembs
Mathematics Faculty
Master of Arts in Teaching Program
Bard College

Presenting to the College & Careers class was an excellent outlet to provide insight & career advice – and also to demonstrate first-hand the communication and teamwork skills that are critical for engineers of the future! Hopefully we were able dispel any misconceptions of engineers as isolated in a lab doing only math and turn students on to the exciting opportunities available by choosing a technical career path. Also, seeing the diverse career paths of the other IBMers participating as panelists available to someone with a science or engineering background was enlightening for me personally as a younger engineer!
Emily Kinser
SRDC Competitive Analysis Team
IBM Microelectronics Division