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Spotlight on: Margaux Epter, RCSD Student

Margaux Epter is a 4th grader at CLS who recently raised $300 for her birthday to donate to RSF. Margaux’s favorite in-school activities are reading, math and STEM club. Outside of school she enjoys doing aerial silks, dancing, and playing with her BFFs. Our thanks to Margaux for her generous donation. (And to Margaux’s parents, Mary Krembs and Scott Epter!)


Can you describe what it is about science or technology you like or that draws you to it?
Ever since I was little I’ve made little machines with my tinker toys.  For example I made the blanket fluffer, the baby hammer, the wheelchair and lots of other things.

Have you done any interesting things related to science or technology?
In March every year I go to Florida and I always go to the MOSI (Museum of Science and Industry). It’s very cool. Also I was in early-morning STEM. My friend and I worked together on bobsleds.  The first day she was absent so it turned out kind of bad but they said we could improve it.  So the next day everybody was allowed to, so we tore our bobsled apart and started making a new one. We were in the middle of it when they called time.  We had two pieces finished: the bottom and the top.  We figured out that the top had less friction so we just took the top and raced that down the track.  It’s really fun to work with science and technology.  I really like it.

How did you become interested in the RSF, and what motivated you to do that great fundraiser?
Each year my family chooses a fundraiser for each birthday.Instead of getting presents we donate money to fundraisers. When we turn 10 my sisters and I normally donate to the RSF.

Tell us a bit about how you got your idea for how to raise funds and how you carried it out?
It all started with my parents. They motivated us to choose fundraisers instead of presents. It makes us feel better because presents are normally just toys and they don’t last long. But when you do a fundraiser because you are giving people money to help them and it lasts longer.

Did you come across any unexpected obstacles in your project, and if you did, how did you deal with them?
I didn’t come across any obstacles. The people who came to my party were really happy and supportive. I’ve attached a picture of me coming into the party.

Do you have any other projects in the works?
I’m trying to make a booby trap for my bedroom because my sister keeps trying to come in.

What do you hope to study in school as you get older?
I want to be a teacher or a pie-maker!

Is there anything you would really like the school to have or do relating to science or technology.
Do more science projects in class!

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