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Rhinebeck Students Get Creative with Science at the First Annual Discovery Festival

Rhinebeck Students Get Creative with Science at the First Annual Discovery Festival

On Saturday, November 1, 2008 Rhinebeck students of all ages will actively participate in a number of engaging, hands-on science experiments and demonstrations at the First Annual Rhinebeck Science Foundation Discovery Festival. Taking place at Chancellor Livingston Elementary School, this three-hour event will offer creative, fun activities for Rhinebeck’s students in grades K-12. The Rhinebeck Science Foundation is sponsoring this family day of learning just how cool the sciences can be.

The Rhinebeck Science Foundation was founded by concerned Rhinebeck citizens and parents who wanted to enhance the Rhinebeck School District’s K-12 curriculum. Working closely with district administrators and teachers in every grade, the Rhinebeck Science Foundation will award grants for projects that allow children to experience and learn math, science and technology in an engaging and hands-on manner. For those residents who aren’t familiar with the Rhinebeck Science Foundation and its goals, the Discovery Festival is a great place to learn more.

The Discovery Festival is the foundation’s first large-scale introduction to the community. The event promises to be an exciting way to learn how the Foundation, in partnership with the Rhinebeck school district, will be helping our children experience the Sciences as a creative learning experience.

Combined with showing our youth how exciting and hands-on science is, another goal of the Discovery Festival is to show how diverse science is. For many people, the word, “science” conjures up images of lab coats and beakers. But it is so much more. In addition to the more traditional branches such as biology and chemistry, science is an integral part of art, music, technology and cooking. Visitors to Saturday’s Discovery Festival will see this as they help build solar cars, investigate a “crime scene” and step inside a camera the size of a room. The day promises to have something for everyone as participants witness a virtual heart catheterization, blast off into space with Spaceship Discovery, and learn about electricity with Mad Science.

Activities will be geared toward particular age groups to maximize involvement and learning for everyone. In addition to the demonstrations and activities, the festival will include information booths of educational materials geared toward enhancing the appreciation and experience of the sciences for the participants.

When calls went out asking for volunteers, the response was overwhelming. Organizers of the Discovery Festival received a great number of acceptances from area residents, groups, hobbyists and professionals involved in the sciences. “There are so many talented people connected with one or more aspects of science that are eager to share their knowledge and excitement with our children,” Festival coordinator, Karri Wolfe said.

The festival is from 11:00-2:00 and is free to all visitors. For more information please contact Karri Wolfe at