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Eco-Initiative Year 2 – Professional Development

Professional Development for Eco-Initiative Year 2

Over a dozen teachers and administrators attended a three-day professional development workshop in late August in preparation for Year 2 of the Rhinebeck Central School District’s Eco-Initiative. Rhinebeck Science Foundation has pledged fifty thousand dollars over a three year period to support this K-12 interdisciplinary curricular initiative. Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies educators helped teachers from the elementary, middle, and high schools plan the implementation of Eco-Initiative investigations in their classrooms and school buildings.

Participants created integrated lesson plans across campuses and grade levels for the study of sustainability, for instance projects measuring and reducing waste in both grades 3 and 8. In addition teachers met with members of the Town of Rhinebeck Conservation Advisory Council (CAC) and Energy and Resilience Task Force to discuss how the Eco-Initiative can help students become involved in the community.