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Discovery Festival 2015

Discovery Festival planning is in full swing and we have a great day of hands-on activities and learning planned for kids from K-12. (Parents will have fun, too, guaranteed!)

Discovery Festival
Rhinebeck High School
Saturday, November 7, 2015
10am to 2pm

More information on specific activities to come. Please check back here or friend RSF on Facebook to stay informed.

If you would like to lead an activity or volunteer on the 7th, please let us know.

Discovery Festival Sponsors
Please support these sponsors whose generosity helps make events like Discovery Festival possible – and free for all to attend!

DaVinci Sponsors
Omega Institute

Coco Channel Sponsors
Heather and Michael Cassano
Johnny O’Han, Char House Grill
Chris Lipscomb and Monique Segarra
Sunshine Ts

Steve Jobs Sponsors
Jennifer and Ali Hammoud
Tanya and Robert Murray
Samuel’s Sweet Shop
Sterling Manor Financial
Timely Signs
Randi and Lyle Wienick
Williams Lumber and Home Centers

Frank Lloyd Wright Sponsors
Dutton Architecture, PLLC
Vicki L. Haak, CFP
JK Curthoys Realty
Maya Kaimal and Guy Lawson

DISCO 2015 Volunteers

Victor Britton
Amy Christie
Michael DeCola
Nancy Erlanger
Meredith Green
Kathy Giles
John Halpern
Liz Halpern
Clifford Hart
Kyla Hart
Jacob Hutchings
Kerim Kalafala
Ed Lackaye
Ric Lewitt
Norm Magnusson
Brian McDonald
Jeff Newman
Roger Quon
Siira Reischl
Samantha Sapienza
Marcia Scheer
Andrew Schulkind
Pat Sexton
Chris Sneed
Kim Sneed
Jason Stevenson
Robert Stone
Lucas Terranova
Anita Thompson
Martha Tobias
Joel Tyner and the Rhinebeck Repair Café
Alison Vaccarino
Jen Vinsky
Oliver Wasow
Kirk Weiler
David Woulfin

Adult Volunteers
Dave Albahary
Suellen Albahary
Bard CCE Students
Daria Barry
Sarah Beeler
Kymberly Breckenridge
Metta Callahan
Heather Cassano
Amy Chase Gulden
Hillary Clegg
Alex Codacovi
Melissa Cohen
Ginny Collins
Sarah Derbyshire
Sarah Fajardo
Terese Fantasia
Alison Guss
Kat Hammill
Ali Hammoud
Jen Hammoud
Kellie Hanna
Rosemary Hanson
Becky Holt
Steve Jenkins
Arnie Johnsen
Kristen Kalafala
Emily Kinser
Jenn LaBelle
Johnny LeHane
Melissa LeHane
Jamyang Lodoe
Betty Mensch
Mariana Mensch
Cheryl Miller
Eric Miller
Jen Myer
Chrissie O’Han
John O’Han
Anna Pavord
Dan Pavord
Randy Ramusak
Roger Rosenbaum
Paul Salchert
Judy Schneyer
Laura Schulkind
Ross Shain
Catherine Shih
Lottchen Shivers
Sheldon Tieder
Dave Tobias
Sarah Ugolini
Kristin Voorhis
Tom Voorhis
Jon Wechsler
Randi Wienick
Matt Wright
Rabab Haj Yahya

Young Volunteers
Lizzie Ayton
James Beeler
Alex Burg
Dylan Cho
Emma Clegg
Charlie Derbyshire
Oliver Dorfner
Emily Erlanger *
James Erlanger *
Olivia Fajardo
Alec Gautier
Talia Goldman
Liza Goldstone
Gabe Hammoud *
Maggie Hanson
Giancarlo Herring-Calvo
Madison Jenkins
William Lange
Derek Livesey
Khedup Lodoe
Olivia Lortie
Amanda Martin
Caileigh McDonagh
Elizabeth Miller
Brian Murray
Kate Muste
Tanner Newman *
Rachel Pietrow
Peter Scagnelli
Casey Schulkind
Nate Shanahan
Sabrina Shih *
Leo Stevenson
Sarah Stiverson
Caleb Stone
Liam Szwed
Sarah Tobias *
Corrine Toussaint
Mia Tsang
Caroline Voorhis
Lynsey Wienick
Sahara Williams
Gagana Yaskhi

* Students who organized and ran presentations

View the 2015 Discovery Festival Flyer here.