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Discovery Festival 2013

Discovery Festival: Design

Form Function & Fun – The Science of Design

Saturday, November 16, 2013.
10am – 2pm
Rhinebeck High School

Facebook Photo Album for Discovery Festival 2013

Discovery Festival was a huge hit! Photos to come. But first, we would like to thank all of the volunteers who made this great event possible for the Rhinebeck community and beyond.

Discovery Festival Planning Committee
Vivian Mandala, Co-Chair
Heather Cassano, Co-Chair
Elaina Aierstok
Sarah Beeler
Metta Callahan
Julia Goldman
Jennifer Hammoud
Kyla Hart
Jenn LaBelle
Marcia Scheer
Andrew Schulkind
Kristin Voorhis

Adult Volunteers
David Albahary
Suellen Albahary
Barbara Alstadt
Sandra Arias
Cynthia Baer
Brad Beeler
Sarah Beeler
Jen Beichert
Paul Beichert
Christian Bracher
Kymberly Breckenridge
Victor Britton
Metta Callahan
Erin Cannan
Heather Cassano
Nat Charny
Sophie Clark
Hillary Clegg
Melissa Cohen
Ginny Collins
Mark Courtney
CJ Degennaro
Melissa Bell-Dentico
Pat Dentico
Judi Esmond
Ed Fajardo
Sarah Fajardo
Meridith Green Ferber
Eric Fixler
David Freemen
Kathy Giles
Julia Goldman
Ron Goldman
Chad Gomes
Alison Guss
Ira Gutner
John Halpern
Liz Halpern
Ali Hammoud
Jen Hammoud
Graham Hanson
Clifford Hart
Kyla Hart
Beth Hayes
Gene Heslin
Rebecca Holt
Jacob Hutchings
Mark Ickes
Steve Jenkins
Arnie Johnson
Howard Jones
Kerim Kalafala
Bryan Kallen
Kerri Karvetski
Jen LaBelle
Chris Lafratta
John LeHane
Melissa LeHane
Ric Lewit
Norm Magnusson
Kathy Malaga
Vivian Mandala
Brian McDonald
Mariana Mensch
Steve Mosto
Jon Naito
Amy Novatt
Christine O’Han
John O’Han
Pamela Pavliscak
Catherine Pietrow
Kathy Platt
Roger Quon
Kris Revell
Ronda Salchert
Marcia Scheer
Judy Schneyer
Andy Schulkind
Laura Schulkind
Cindy Schwartz
Dan Shanahan
Kathy Sheppard
Catherine Shih
Doug Shippee
Lottchen Shivers
Rebecca Staats
Jamie Stout
Lucas Terranova
Sheldon Tieder
Dave Tobias
Martha Tobias
Greg Tumolo
Alison Vaccarino
Jen Vinsky
Kristin Voorhis
Oliver Wasow
Jon Wechsler
Lyle Wienick
Randi Wienick
Sascha Zuger

Student Volunteers
Alicia Acosta
Alongy Balcazar
Emanuel Balcazar
Salma Balcazar
Wendy Blas
Ashley Calvin
Isabel Carleton
Cierra Cassano
Chris Cassans
Amanda Cassata
Amy Catalano
Kelsea Connolly
Devon Drozdowski
James Erlanger
Annabeth Gausepohl
Alec Gautier
Avi Goldman
Shoshana Goldman
Liza Goldstone
Gabe Hammoud
Maggie Hanson
Mikaela Holt
Natalie Hutchins
James Kaknis
Leigha Knepper
Katielyn Lauridsen
Derek Livesey
Madison Lortie
Caileigh McDonaugh
Jacqueline Miller
Tanner Newman
Craig Pavord
Lillian Pavord
Anne Pietrow
Hannah Revell
Brianna Roger
Isabella Romano
Sam Rothschild
Nate Shanahan
Sabrina Shih
Justin Soden
Mia Tsang
Joseph Vaccarino
Ilana Whitmont
Weiting Zhang
Lauren Zinn

This year’s Discovery Festival will focus on the science of design. Presentations and activities will include toy design (deconstruct and reconstruct a toy!), kite design and an egg catapult.

Discovery Festival: Design will also include a Student Design Competition to showcase the talents of  K-12 students while encouraging innovative ideas that focus on improved quality of life for all. Individuals and teams of up to four are invited to create solutions for a range of design problems – from everyday household tasks to groundbreaking space exploration.

Cash prizes and awards will be presented to the top team or individual projects in each age group.

More information and entry forms are available on the Discovery 2013 Mini-Site!

If you’re interested in volunteering, please contact Vivian Mandala at